“Aquavit could
be Scandinavia’s single malt”

If we dare make it good enough

Try our aquavit in an assortment of delicious drinks

When we created D ArgentumD Aurum, it took passion.
The first aquavit is clear, the second oak-matured and golden. Even people who normally never drink aquavit, are enchanted by the pure pleasure.

D Argentum

The aim was to create an Aquavit that gave the purest experience of natural dill’s fresh aromas. It has taken us four years to reach that goal, but the journey is not over, because we want to make D Argentum even purer, more authentic – ever closer to nature.

D Aurum

We wanted to produce an aquavit that was a worthy supplement to Argentum. An aquavit uniquely different to Argentum. An aquavit with more flavour, that was more rounded, with an overall experience that resembled cognac, yet retained the undiminished and authentic taste of dill.

The history of the distillery

Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S was established in the spring of 2014, the natural outcome of a year-long development project that focused on aquavit. The project aimed to make an aquavit that could satisfy completely new and ambitious quality requirements. An exceptional aquavit – something that went far beyond the traditional accompaniment to marinated herring. A drink that left behind the old role of being a little digestive refresher between the next servings of Scandinavian-style open sandwiches.


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