Do you know Germany’s best bar?

Germany’s best bar is called the Le Lion, located in Hamburg’s town hall district, just 10 minutes’ walk from Hauptbahnhoff, the train station that almost every European train traveller has encountered on their travels.

Le Lion is also the Lion’s King when it comes to bars in Germany. In the USA, the natural order has been turned on its head, and there it is The Dead Rabbit that has been named as the country’s best bar.


Unknown world-class drink that you (perhaps) can learn to make in five minutes!

Created at the Le Lion in Hamburg

  • Fill a cocktail mixer with ice cubes
  • First add 6 cl D Argentum
  • Next add Creme de Cacao Blanc
  • Lastly, add 2 cl Cream 38%.

Stir the mix with a spoon and pour into a glass without ice.

The simplest way to reach Le Lion:

Take a train directly from Copenhagen’s main station to Hamburg. Book well ahead if you can – a first class ticket costs less than DKK 800. But a standard ticket costs less and a special discount Orange Ticket or sightseeing ticket, costs as little as DKK 400.

We recommend that you enjoy the restaurant on the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry! Prices are much the same as in the ferry cafeteria, and the food is much better. However, the most important thing is that the restaurant is the most pleasant place to sit, unless there is a party of school kids on their way to a skiing holiday.

In Hamburg, you need to find the Ubahn (metro) – remember to buy a ticket in the ticket machine before you get on the train. Take the U3 to Rathaus or the U1 to Jungfernsteig. Or you can simply decide to saunter along the street – it only takes 10-15 minutes to walk there.

While you are in Hamburg, you must remember to visit the city centre lake called Alster and its lovely surroundings. The SKYLINE BAR 20up in the famous St. Pauli tourist district is also a must see and do. It offers a brilliant view across Hamburg Port – the second biggest port in Europe, amazing to think it is on a river!

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