100 years of silver

3 cl D Argentum, 2 cl Lillet Blanc, 1 cl Creme de Cacao, 1 lemon

The 20th Century Cocktail is a fun and weird experience. Another train drink like the Alexander Cocktail, but this one was named after the “20th Century Limited”, which began to operate between New York and Chicago in 1902. It was first published in the “Café Royal Cocktail Book” in 1937. The balance between the Lillet Blanc, gin and Creme de Cacao is utterly wonderful. In this recipe we have only swapped the gin with D Argentum.


• 3 cl D Argentum
• 2 cl Lillet Blanc
• 1 cl Creme de Cacao
• 1 cl lemon juice


Shake thoroughly and finely strain into a cocktail glass.