Jul 2015

Beetroot Brawler

Beetroot Brawler

5 cl D Argentum, 1.5 cl Chartreuse, 3 cl lemon juice, 2 cl beetroot juice, 1.5 cl sugar water, shake and add star aniseed

OK. We’re in the wild back roads with this one. The taste is wild and fierce, and you just can’t stop making this cocktail because it tastes so good. This is based on my beetroot margarita, but some ingredients have been changed, and the green Chartreuse gives a sweet and herby taste, which balances the rich beetroot sweetness.

In no particular order, add to a cocktail shaker:

• 5 cl D Argentum
• 1 cl green Chartreuse
• 3 cl lemon juice
• 2 cl beetroot juice
• 1.5 cl sugar water


Shake thoroughly and strain into a glass filled with ice.