Dill Martini No.2

Martini is the ultimate challenge among bartenders. How can you be creative with only three ingredients? My answer is to cheat a little, and add a twist.


• 6 cl D Argentum
• 0.5 cl Carpano Bianco Vermouth
• Reduced IPA rinse*
• Mussel candy**


*IPA is a bitter type of fruit beer. Gently simmer until 50% reduced. Pour into a spray bottle and spray into a glass before the cocktail is poured in the glass.

**Boil the mussel bouillon with 10% sugar and 1% gellan or gelatine. Allow it to set to a jelly in a thin sheet, dry in the oven until it is brittle, break into appropriate sizes and serve on the side of the cocktail with a biscuit.

Alternatively, the cocktail can be served with fresh oysters garnished with D Argentum marinated cucumber balls ( made by using a Parisienne scoop).