Jul 2015

Pimm’s No.2

Pimm’s No.2

In this drink we serve with Pimm’s No.2.
Pimm’s is as English as tennis and cricket, and the thing to drink when watching those great sports. Make it in a large bowl for a garden party. The recipe can easily be scaled


• 4 cl Pimm’s No.1
• 2 cl D Aurum
• 2 cl ginger beer
• 2 cl lime cordial*
• 10 cl soda
• Mint, lemon, cucumber, strawberry, orange, there is nothing that doesn’t belong in the glass.


  1. *Lime cordial is readily available in stores but it is also easy to make yourself.
  2. 10 limes
  3. 1000 g sugar
  4. Water.

Finely peel the limes. Knead the peelings with sugar until damp. Squeeze the juice from the peeled fruit and measure. Add water until you have half a litre. Add citric acid – in the ratio of 6 g per 100 g water. Let the mix simmer until the peelings are brown and curled. Filter through a cloth.