Jul 2015

Spritz AD

Spritz AD

3 cl D Argentum, 3 cl Aperol, 6 cl dry champagne, 0.5 cl E330, 0.5 cl sugar water

An Aperol Spritz is your friend on a summer afternoon. But with just a few effects, you can turn it into something very special and wonderful.
The original Aperol Spritz is made by pouring equal parts Aperol and dry Prosecco over ice, garnished with a slice of orange. Let’s get complicated straight away …

In no particular order, add to a cocktail shaker:

• 3 cl Aperol
• 3 cl D Argentum
• 0.5 cl sugar water
• 0.5 cl E330 solution*


  1. Pour into a wine glass
  2. Top with 6 cl very dry sparkling wine

*E330 is citric acid It can usually be purchased from some chemists. Lemon juice contains 6% acid, so if you want to make a 100 g E330 solution, take 100 g water and add 6 gram of citric acid and stir until it is clear.