After your Easter lunch and before the chocolate eggs are eaten, there is nothing nicer than a little break in the sun. Gather your guests, and give them each a drink. You will be crowned the year's host.

Use a sorbet made from sweet apple juice, and together with the bitter/salty/sharp taste, it is the perfect ending to a great meal.

Perfect for lunch, especially at Easter when lots of fish are served. A dry Sekt has been used in the recipe, but a standard sparkling champagne is just as good.

A youthful, aromatic, feminine and refreshing spring drink with dill aquavit.

Forget everything you usually use, and make something fresh and spicy. Lemon, ginger and spices – your guests will want more!

This is for drinking, and it beats the traditional cognac by a long way.

The 20th Century Cocktail is a fun and weird experience. Another train drink like the Alexander Cocktail.

An Old Fashioned Cocktail is a beautiful thing, especially because its simplicity means it can be made to be very difficult.

Martini is the ultimate challenge among bartenders. How can you be creative with only three ingredients? My answer is to cheat a little, and add a twist.


Jul 2015

Pimm’s No.2

Pimm’s is as English as tennis and cricket, and the thing to drink when watching those great sports. Make it in a large bowl for a garden party.


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