Today, the Danish-German war of 1864 is looked on as a geopolitical event and the history of a changing society. But the more down-to-earth details mattered most to those people who were the main players in the war – the Danish soldiers.

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The making of a bottle of D Argentum

It begins in May, in an empty field on the island of Fyn in Denmark, or in Vellinge in Sweden. The field is sowed with Mammoth Dill. The seeds sprout, the crop grows, the plant heads flower and seed.

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Do you know Germany’s best bar?

Le Lion is also the Lion’s King when it comes to bars in Germany. In the USA, the natural order has been turned on its head, and over there it is The Dead Rabbit that has been named as the country’s best bar.

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Possibly the world’s best bartender

Jim Meehan of PDT, must take most of the honours for the development of cocktail culture.

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Terrior and Aquavit

Terrior is a completely new concept in the world of liquor. The majority of liquors are made from raw ingredients that come from many different locations.

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