D Argentum

We started by combining traditional old-school gardening skills with the distiller’s special skills and feeling for exceptional quality.

The aim was to create an aquavit that gave the purest experience of natural dill’s fresh aromas. It has taken us four years to reach that goal, but the journey is not over, because we strive to make D Argentum even purer, more authentic – ever closer to nature.

We are proud of what we have already achieved, and we believe with all our heart that there is no other aquavit that gives such an experience of the crystal clear, fresh and natural taste and aroma of dill. This clarity was the inspiration behind the name Argentum, which is the Latin for silver. Hold your aquavit glass up to the light and see for yourself the lovely silver shimmering of the aquavit.

We started by combining traditional old-school gardening skills with the distiller’s special skills and feeling for exceptional quality. Even though we still rely on traditional and renowned virtues, we are enthusiastic users of most modern technology and invite researchers into our distillery. For example, we have collaborated with the technological institute AgroTech A/S, in a research project to establish the optimum type of dill, the optimum cultivation method and the optimum time to harvest the crop. While the plants grow and blossom, we measure the aromatic compounds using a gas chromatograph, which is a highly-advanced laboratory instrument. Tradition and technology work together, to make beautiful results.

But it all starts in the field. The quality of the harvested dill is essential to the quality of the finished aquavit. There are two very different ways of cultivating dill, depending on whether you want the dill leaf or the dill head, which consists of the flowering top part. We quickly learned that the dill leaves did not have the correct aromatic compounds. Only the dill heads were potent enough to give the finished aquavit the authentic taste of dill. We tried several different types of dill head, and Mammoth Dill heads gave the best results by far.

As with wine, the timing of the harvest is crucial, and the plant undergoes crucial development from its first flowering, up until the seeds mature. The aromatic compounds change continuously in character and in abundance. Harvest too early and the taste and aroma is too weak. Harvest too late, and the aquavit tastes only of cumin.

So the harvest timing is crucial, and our analyses show us precisely when the dill heads should be cut. We also discovered another crucial parameter – there must be as short a time as possible between the harvesting and the immersion of the aromatic compounds in the alcohol. This means that we chill and transport the dill as quickly as possible, so that when it reaches the distillery it still retains its freshness.

Once inside the distillery, the work begins to capture the fine aromatic compounds of the dill. This process resulted in a completely new production method, so unique, that it is patented. Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S is therefore the only distillery that produces aquavit that with exceptional purity, gives a completely authentic experience of the taste and aroma of natural dill. Our distillation equipment utilises exceptional technology, and the Master Distiller is also a qualified chemist, with an outstanding ability to produce a completely unique product. That product goes by the name D Argentum. Argentum is the Latin word for silver.


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