Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S was established in the spring of 2014, the natural outcome of a year-long development project that focused on aquavit.

The project aimed to make an aquavit that could satisfy completely new and ambitious quality requirements. An exceptional aquavit – something that went far beyond the traditional accompaniment to marinated herring. A drink that left behind the old role of being a little digestive refresher between the next servings of Scandinavian-style open sandwiches. Now the quality of the aquavit had been taken to a whole new level, as pleasurable as a Scotch whisky or a well-matured French cognac.

The old Danish aquavit traditions deserved to be renewed and updated, brought into line with modern Nordic cooking and the expectations of contemporary quality-conscious consumers. This was why we chose the name – Den Ny Spritfabrik. – (New Aquavit Distillery).

From the very beginning, it has been clear that the way ahead was simplicity, purity and the authentic taste of natural herbs. Danish aquavit is a “protected designation”, where the liquor must taste of dill, cumin or of a lovely mix of these herbs. In the name of simplicity, we chose to just use dill, purely on the grounds of the plant’s wonderfully delicate aromas, which provide more finesse than the hefty cumin.

So the task was to let the clear, unhindered taste of dill come out in the finished aquavit. In contrast to all of the other aquavits available on the market, we decided that our aquavit would only have a single ingredient – dill distillate. No addition of exotic spices – no sweeteners, even though they could be discreetly added. If the pure taste and aroma of dill was to be experienced, there was no need for any correction. Nature would perform the task if we just gave it the chance. So we aimed for the authentic product. The pure pleasure.

Special competencies have been there from the very beginning, in the shape of founder Henrik Elsner, who has a background as a chemist, gastronome and Danish winemaker. This resulted in an investment in advanced German distillation equipment, serious state-of-the-art technology. And the new distillery was built with a view over Esrum Lake, in the most beautiful of surroundings. Here, nature provides constant inspiration and there is space to make wine and grow herbs, and constantly develop the product.

In 2010, a research project was initiated in collaboration with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the technological institute Agrotech. The aim of the project was to establish the optimum type of dill, the optimum cultivation method and the optimum time to harvest the crop. At the same time, the advanced analysis equipment that was available, meant that the dill’s aromatic compounds could be evaluated continuously, and we could find the best time in the plant’s development where it would deliver the optimal taste and aroma of dill in the finished aquavit.

On an ongoing basis, extractions and distillation methods were developed, so that the aromas from the freshly-harvested dill heads could be infused into the aquavit without any deterioration. In 2014, this development method led to the patenting of a uniquely special production method, the results of which we enjoy today.

During the autumn of 2013, and in January 2014, a successful share issue of Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S, provided a sound capital base, and ensured a valuable network of dealers and distributors. Among other things, an agreement has been signed with Hans Just, the leading distributor of fine spirits and related products in the Nordic Region and the world.


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